Apostolia Papadamaki

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Apostolia Papadamaki is an internationally acclaimed choreographer, a traveler, performer and teacher of yoga, impulse dance and floating ongoing life learner, Apostolia studied release contemporary dance and contact improvisation at Movement Research- New York, Ashtanga Yoga atJ ivamukti Center –New York and Alexander is practicing Hatha Yoga daily the last

Being a lover of arts and movement she also studied Physical Theater, Ai ki Do,Scuba Diving, (Rescue Diver Padi) Craniosacral Therapy,Reiki and many more, collaborating with inspiring artists, musicians, and teachers in many lands.

After 20 years of ongoing studies and research on movement Apostolia, founded Biomatic Anatomy, an holistic approach to movement that expands to her Yoga Teachings, Impulse Dance, Floating Body. She believes that everybody is aperfect human being, in any age and can find fulfilment through movement. In her methods there are no boundaries of age, body structure, nationality,identity.

She organises The Happiness Retreat in unique locations in Greece.

She was the artistic director of Sine qua non dance co until 2001 and then founded Quasi Stellar dance co at 2002. Since 2001 she collaborates with Belgian Director and Visual artist Jan Fabre as a performer and choreographic work and teachingmethods have been presented in more than 40 festivals around the world.

In 2004,Apostolia choreographed the 12th Paraolympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of Athens, with 250 professional dancers and 350 amateurs. In 2015 she choreographed Drops of Breath, the 1st Underwater Dance performance in the world.

Currently she is choreographing for Theatre, Opera and Films and designing/implementing tailor-made corporate and wellness events for foundations and organisations worldwide.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

7 Reviews

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On Biomatic Anatomy

Apostolia is a real teacher, not just an instructor.
I was lucky enough to attend one of her 2 day seminars on Biomatic Anatomy recently.
She has a deep knowledge on the subject and
a unique and effective way of transferring it.

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A very inspiring and warm-hearted teacher!

Apostolia teaches amazing classes on embodied anatomy. She makes all information so available and easy to absorb for the students. Her classes really helped feel more into my body's anatomy.

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Light and Happiness

When I heard from a close friend for the Happiness Retreat Apostolia was organizing in Koufonisi in July 2016, I knew it was going to be great. Nevertheless, I could not imagine how much happiness I would felt by being there, the joy, the serenity, the jubilation, the laugh, the unit and the energy between different people. I am truly happy that I participated in the first ever Happiness retreat and additionally because I met Apostolia and I had the happiness to receive what she offers with her fantastic, unique, multi talent of hers. I feel my soul foul and rich now.

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True connection, being happy as you are...

Apostolia is a really special human being, connected to the most pure vibrant energy. She has a unique gift to feel, connect and offer to others the way to experience life's beauty. I have felt huge transformations happening under her insightful guidance, and ever since I trust her completely. Through conscious movement with the body, so much is revealed! She teaches us to trust the light within, and this is what true happiness is... Beauty is in every little thing, but in the "Happiness Retreat" that Apostolia facilitates, it just goes beyond imagination....

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Koufonissi Happiness Retreat 2016

The week I spent in Koufonissi was one of the most beautiful weeks in my life! The tranquility and beauty of the region, the clear amazing sea, the beautiful people I met and became good friends, all the activities full of mindfulness and joy! Apostolia was great full of beautiful energy and light! Excellent accommodation and food! A life changing and most fulfilling experience!!! When I remember the days at Koufonissi I cannot stop smiling! It was definitely a happiness retreat!!

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Apostolia Papadamaki is an enlightened and truthful teacher .
I had the most wonderful time with her and an amazing group of participants, in the Happiness retreat in Regreen.
I am so much looking forward to do that again and again.
She treats all the participants with respect and personal approach.With her yin energy flow she transmits to everybody the idea of “oneness” .


I trust her completely and follow her in everything she does from biomatic anatomy and impulse dance to walking barefoot in the woods and experience nature and food in a mindfulness way.
She balances the knowledge of a scientist with the creative anticipation of a child.
I recommend this amazing personality and Retreat. Come and join with happiness!!!!
#happinessretreat #biomaticanatomy #apostoliapapadamaki #regreen

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The Happiness Retreat

A playful Sun, a full Moon, a refreshing Wind, a starry Sky, a seducing Sea,a unique Island, a fabulous Chef (Esco ), an amazing Teacher & Founder of the happinessretreat (Apostolia Papadamaki) and a group of lovely People on a Journey to Happiness & Oneness!Shine like a star, dance like a child, breath like a tree, float like a leaf.Surrender to the Beauty of the Divine. Thank you all for the unique experience! Liana