April Fee

Blairstown, NJ
United States

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At one point during my undergraduate studies, I was involved in an unhealthy relationship, my self-esteem was at its lowest, stress levels at their highest, and indecisiveness was a daily struggle. Then, everything unexpectedly changed when I received my first yoga video from my mother. At possibly the lowest point in my life, Yoga brought me calm amidst the chaos, acceptance, and I finally felt I was on the right track!

While life for me since that first video has changed significantly (two degrees, several certifications, a few jobs, one wedding, two children, and one book later), I still rely heavily on my yoga practice for peace amidst the chaos, and to keep me grounded and sane(ish).

I teach a variety of yoga classes, as I believe the body needs and craves different speeds of yoga at different times. My teachings range from a challenging vinyasa flow class to really get the blood flowing, to a more restorative class aimed at releasing, relaxing and bringing a deeper level of peace to the body. I offer workshops, special events (parties, events, showers, etc.), private classes, corporate wellness classes, and public classes.

My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun space where my students can step away from their lives, and treat themselves to a moment in time where they can tune out the noise of their day and just focus on their body, mind and breath. My mission is to bring peace to this world, one person at a time, and through Yoga I believe I can do that.


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