ari beers

Venice, CA
United States

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Ari Beers has spent 12 years helping students develop their own everyday practice creating a system for teaching yoga as medicine. Ari Beers is an Ayurvedic expert, teaching yoga, meditation and Ayurveda as a lifestyle.
and one of the foremost voices in successfully fusing Eastern approach for health and combining Yoga and Ayurveda.

Ari beers a Global warrior Founder of Anahata conscious living and her own method Psychology of the heart and the body holistic teacher training drawing great influence from kundalini, Tantric yoga, Hatha, shamanic breathwork, philosophy, and meditation.

This yoga sequence is designed to support practices understanding how trauma is stored and experience in the body. help relieve anxiety, depression and help build a wellness lifestyle and consistent dedicated practice.

Ari Beers A fearless high profile and celebrity yoga instructor, speaking passionately at workshops retreats, trainings and embracing yoga as a lifestyle. a strong voice for women’s empowerment, and the incredible experience and knowledge across all facets of yoga and wellness leading courses design to deepen your connection to your inner self.


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