Arja Hendrikx

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I believe in the power of the heart, the power of prayer, the power of positivity and in putting good out to the world. I believe that; every action, has a reaction, the great law of karma and the consciousness that we are all one.

Hatha Yoga as thought by Arja can differ from other teachings as it is a holistic approach, working with the whole being, not only the physical body.

The yoga is oriented towards the opening of the heart; anahata chakra. Anahata is the Sanskrit name for the heart chakra (energy wheel). During the Yoga, the heart is seen as an object of meditation, to create an intimate connection with who we are.

With the focus on the heart we get intimate knowledge of the physical body, of its bio-energies, and our true self. Turning the awareness inwards, and letting go of everything that doesn’t serve us anymore. That way we can concentrate on Anahata Chakra to let our life-force energy (prana) flow towards our beautiful heart. The heart, where we find stillness and inner balance, where we can come back home to our true nature.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
What a Gem!!

Arja is a warm, open-hearted and truly inspirational yoga instructor. She has an incredible passion for sharing her abundance of knowledge with so much love and genuine interest in her students. She is a bright, shining gem of a yoga instructor and I highly recommend experiencing all that she has to offer!

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Nothing but smiles

I had the pleasure of completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Peru during the month of December 2015. I am lucky to be able to say that I have worked with and received teachings from Arja. I can't even begin to say how inspiring Arja was and how much I was able to learn from her in such a short period of time. From day one she made me feel unbelievably comfortable and excited about learning. Her passion for yoga and teaching radiates from her 24/7.


The way Arja is able to captivate any audience is amazing. She is focused, determined, well organized, and makes learning far too much fun. Her energy is incredible and she lights up every room she steps into. I can't wait for the next opportunity to learn and grow with the help from Arja.

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Super fijne yogateacher

Arja geeft bijzonder fijne yoga in een zeer sfeervolle omgeving en heeft ook liefdevolle aandacht voor haar yoga studenten. Kortom een aanrader!!!

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Very inspiring teacher

Yoga with Arja is like a meditative trip through your whole body. In most asana's she offers, you keep your eyes closed. So it's easier to focus on what's happening inside. What am I feeling and observing? Because of her background as a health coach and traveler, she is also very wellknowledged about living in harmony with (inner) nature. This in combination with the yoga she offers, makes Arja a very inspiring teacher!

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Very Relaxing

Arja, her yoga classes, are the best time of the week to relax my body and my mind. The style of hatha yoga she teaches really calms me down and gives the rest that my body needs. Arja is very knowledgeable on many aspects yogic elements and after class, we often talk about interesting topics in life. She actually takes the time for each and every one of us, especially during the final relaxation!