Arjuna Dharma Das

San Marcos La Laguna
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Arjuna has been studying & practicing eastern spiritual traditions in India, Thailand, and Europe for over fifteen years starting his path and deep soul-journey in his early twenties when he discovered Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana meditation along with Shivananda Yoga.

After growing up in Berlin and leaving behind a promising academic career as he started to dedicate more and more time to Self-reflection and Inner exploration, he completed dozens of retreats in the Buddhist, Yogic and Advaita (Non-Duality) traditions, some of them in solitude and complete darkness. Fascinated by working with the higher energies of the body he dedicatedly spent years of diving into the depths and knowledge of Yoga seeing the body as an instrument on the way of reaching and abiding in our Divine nature and potential.

Arjuna believes in spirituality and evolution of the Self integrated with our "normal" life, seeing challenges & mistakes as opportunities for refinement and transcendence. He offers students a variety of approaches adapted to the western rationalistic world view, but also inspired by poetry and devotion. He recognizes the latter as an indispensable part when rising to higher states of consciousness.

Apart from being a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500, Yoga Alliance, USA) he holds a degree in conventional & naturopathic medicine (ND).

Arjuna aspires to bring awareness & love into every breath. From the Heart he would like to offer his deepest gratitude to all his beloved teachers across the world & the years. For the benefit of all.

'Love says "I am everything."
Wisdom says "I am nothing."
Between the two, my life flows.' - Nisargadatta Maharaj


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

3 Reviews

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Meditation Retreat

The Silent Meditation Retreat at Kaivalya encouraged me to experience and release some of my fears and discomfort, relax into simply Being, and to consider the question: "Who am I?" I found inspiration, new levels of softness and peace, a budding connection to the transcendent Self, and a blossoming wonderment for the beauty of life. I truly feel that these realizations were made possible by Arpita & Arjuna, the retreat they facilitated, and the support of the beautiful group.

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My favorite in Central America

Spending the last 6 weeks at Kaivalya has been the single most transformative experience of my life, and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the warm and vibrant community that makes it far more than just a yoga school. I've been lucky enough to have been able to travel extensively through Central America and Southeast Asia/India, and have participated in a number of spiritual courses along the way.


I can honestly say that Kaivalya distinguishes itself from everything I've experienced beforehand, and I could not speak more highly of it.
From the stunning views of Lake Atitlan and its volcanoes, to the superb teachings and deeply transformative practices, to the delicious meals, staying at Kaivalya brings a state of serenity and depth that lends itself beautifully to the cultivation of meditative Stillness, the flourishing of creativity and authentic expression, and the strengthening of heart-centered living and loving relationships.

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Very inspiring Yoga

Arjuna's yoga classes are some of the most authentic, deep, and comprehensive that I've taken anywhere (and I'm a yoga teacher)!