Arnel Hasić


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Arnel is certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) since 2012. He finished his teacher training at Divya Yoga Center and School for Yoga Teachers. Shortly after that he was teaching yoga at Art of Living studio in Zagreb and since 2014 has been teaching in Divya Yoga Centre. Soon is part of teachers in OM joga center and Shanti yoga studio in Zagreb. He is continuously expanding his knowledge and gaining new experiences from his teachers, on workshops and classes led by domestic and foreign teachers. He will soon be finishing advanced RYT 500 training in Divya.
​Versatile, playful and curious, he's looking for an inspiration in his teachers, colleagues, friends and students as well as in different life situations.
Except yoga, our Arno is an aromatherapist, masseur and carer for elderly. When he's going to stop? Even he doesn't know. Just like in yoga – „it's about the path and not the goal“ as he would say. He finds pleasure in little things, improving himself and helping others.


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