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Courtenay, BC

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Arrow Gonsalves is the The Founder of "Human Energetic's", Owner of "Heart Drum Beat - Taoist Yoga and Healing Services" and "The House of Now" in Courtenay BC.

She is a Master Trainer and Master Healer in the Tao Healing Arts, trained through the Tao Fellowship of Seoul Korea via Sedona Arizona.

Arrow comes from a family with a medical and mind- body wellness emphasis. Her Father was a Brain Specialist who ran the neurology departments of the University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Teaching Hospital and St Michaels Hospital. Her mother was a Social Worker and Horticulturist. Her maternal Grandfather was a Pharmacist in London in the days of traditional compounding.

Instructing the Tao Healing Arts since 2003; she offers Do-In (Taoist yoga class), Personal Development Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, Instructor Training and Traditional Healer Training.

She helps people restore health and balance while awakening their innate being. Students regain purpose, joy, compassion and wonder through study of self as part of the way of nature. Her lessons systematically incorporate Chakra Training and Brain Education.
Arrow lives in Courtenay, Vancouver Island, Canada


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