Arturo Edan Munoz

Chicago, IL
United States

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The Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio is a shamanic healing sanctuary located in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago that offers spiritual readings, shamanic energy healing, reiki, and Forrest Yoga. We are proud to offer intimate size classes and workshops on a variety of metaphysical, shamanic and spiritual art forms. Our goal is to guide and empower modern day souls on their journey of healing and empowerment through the healing of the mind, body and spirit connection.

From the beginning of time, humans have used the sacred ability to connect deeply to one another to touch the inner realms of the soul, accessing information and wisdom to help heal, illuminate, and guide one another through periods of change and transformation. Arturo is one of those souls, deeply connected to the inner visionary realms of Spirit. From a young age, he has been in touch with his spiritual sensitivity and has learned to channel these gifts into spiritual strengths. He uses his ability to connect to himself and others on a soul level to assist those who are seeking healing, understanding, direction and inspiration through different mediums at the Spirit Dreamer Healing Studio, which he opened in 2012 after spending time unraveling deeper into shamanic healing practices and sacred plant medicine ceremony with the Shipibo shamans of the Ucayali region of Peru.

Born into a family and culture with ancient roots in curanderismo, mediumship, and folk healing, Arturo began to follow the call to understand his fascination and connection to the spirit realm by diving into metaphysics, divination and astral travel in his early teen years. It was there that he began to learn how to work and read the Tarot, connecting and reading into the lives and energy fields of others in a sacred way. By fifteen years of age, he was reading for fellow high school students and school staff. By 21 he began to build his practice by working and reading for others at well known and established spiritual and metaphysical shops in Chicago.

Over the past twelve years, he has followed his love and his passion for spirituality and has grown and developed his gifts in yoga, divination, energy work, shamanic healing, and sacred plant medicine ceremony, working and has learned from master teachers, shamanic healers and the respective journeys that have taken him from the Amazon jungle of Peru to the Himalayan mountain range of northern India as well as all over Mexico, Central America and the Unites States.

Arturo currently teaches and connects with others for sessions at the Spirit Dreamer Healing studio in Chicago as well through distance work with others on an international level. His aim is to continue sharing his work on a global scale and most importantly, invite others to join in and experience their own sacred journey along the way through retreats, classes and sacred journeys across the world.


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