arun kumar

Bengaluru Karnataka
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Yoga. Meditation. Self-Culture.

With wholesome questions, arun’s thirst to know Life took him through arduous journeys and deep experience. He says, ‘all searching is one long round-trip to finally come back home. And the home is no where, but now here – within us’.

Meditation being his foundation, he was humbly introduced to the objective Yoga in early 2001. As the years grew by, the spirit of self-study, practice and observation progressed along. Having spent a great deal of time in Traditional Schools of Yoga; extensive traveling as a free-spirit, and an ever open-mind to learn from every situation helped him gain insights of the Yogic way of Living. And he represents his teachings by “Walking the Talk”.

His is an integrated approach to teaching Yoga, creating spaces to be aware of the Body-Mind-Spirit (as one). The self-styled practice rooted in Classical Hatha Yoga, with essential variations, is backed by the time-tested experiments of the traditional Gurus and the modern day Yogis.

arun’s personal, practical guidance to mind management and Self Awareness help renew one’s every day life with positivity, gratitude and a true expression of Love. And he takes care of your practice holistically effective, regardless of age, gender, and energetic ability.

He says, ‘Yoga is a “Mirror of Truth” that reflects our true nature. And to look into it is the first step to discover ourselves’.



Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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