Asha Daniels

Double Bay NSW

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As a lover of life, health and happiness; my goal as a yoga teacher is to guide my students towards a deeper level of physical fitness, mental peace and healthy lifestyle.

Blessed with an Indian background and the opportunity to spend many years in the Motherland of Yoga has provided me with an intimate connection with the most authentic yoga forms.

Teaching since 2010 to students of all levels and backgrounds, my practical insight and approach allows me to be adaptable when working with a range of body types and abilities. As I teacher, I adopt an ‘In the Present’ approach, with deep emphasis on mindful breath and body movement, which in essence means; ‘Move with Awareness’.

Teaching my students to become aware of the individualism of their own body and yoga practice has proven pivotal in achieving greater results in personal practice. Through awareness the practice becomes more focused, powerful and with less risk of injury.

I hope to be an inspiration to you in your personal yoga journey and help you deepen your practice and ability.



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