Ashira Tantra

Ithaca, NY
United States

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Ashira Tantra provides nourishing and relaxing journey into the depth of one's being, rooted in the esoteric teachings of tantra. The sessions combine breathing, energy healing, kundalini reiki, guided meditation and bodywork to help my clients experience blissful unity with Divine. You will learn how to relax, connect deeply, let go of stress and past traumas and experience the fullness of the present moment. Besides, Ashira Tantra offer sessions for couples, where we will learn partner breathing exercises, yoga, reiki, intentional touch, and powerful relational techniques.

Benefits of Tantra

Learn stress management techniques
Breathing & meditation techniques for rejuvenation and relaxation
Learn how to create intimacy through emotional and spiritual connection
Pain, headache and stress relief
Increased blood circulation and detoxification of body
Learning about harnessing and circulating energy within your body

The studio is conveniently located in Ithaca downtown with the parking available in the driveway.

To learn more and book a session please go
You can also find my free guided meditations and more information about me and my practice on Facebook and Instagram under Ashira Tantra


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