Ashish Ajmera

Oceanside, NY
United States

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Ashish Ajmera is a IT professional based in Long Island, New York, USA. Ashish started his professional career from India at Wipro Infotech Ltd. He has lived and worked in Japan, before settling in USA. Currently he is working in IT Management role in a global organization.
Ashish is brought up in Jain family, born in Indore () and up-bringing from New Delhi in India. He is married and has two kids.
Ashish has done Bachelors in Math (honors) from Delhi University, New Delhi and from Pace University, New York. Ashish has a deep interest in learning about religion, yoga and to merge all this knowledge in a day-to-day life in urban cities and modern lifestyles. He believes in sharing this valuable knowledge with children and professionals and learning from each other in various aspects of life.


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