Ashlee Williams

Holly Springs, NC
United States

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Thank you for joining me on my journey as a yoga teacher and lifetime student.

I was first introduced to yoga in 2004 and was totally one of those people who could not even touch their toes and felt like I couldn't do yoga because I was not flexible enough.
I continued going to classes because, for reasons I couldn't understand at the time, it was difficult due to my lack of flexibility but at the same time it was a comforting practice and I always say, "you had me at Savasana!"

This feeling of inner peace I felt every time I took a class is what kept me coming back over the years as I completed college, got married and started a family. After battling depression and yoga being one of the key aspects of my recovery, I knew I needed to share yoga with the world. So here I am; here you are.

I graduated from Wilmington Yoga Center in Wilmington, NC with my Kunga Yoga Teacher certification in July 2016.

I completed my my training and earned my RYT 200 certification from Yoga Alliance in January 2017.

I began my RYT 300 level training soon after receiving my RYT 200, but will put my training on hold for a little while so I can raise my kids, take care of the family, and manage a household full of animals we love oh so dearly.

I truly believe that yoga can benefit everyone in some way. We don't all come to our yoga practice for the same reasons, but regardless you will benefit in ways sometime you won't even realize. The two key aspects of yoga I most want my students to benefit from are flexibility and inner peace.

Flexibilty is something we can all achieve no matter what condition you are in when you start a yoga practice. I often think flexibility is the essense of this fountain of youth everyone is always looking for. I'm all about aging gracefully!

Inner Peace is priceless in the busy world we live in. It is believed by many that "sleep" is the same as "relaxation" and that simply is a myth. We must nurture our "left brain" of rest & relaxation to balance the fight or flight of our "right brain" which we live in 99% of our waking hours.


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