Ashleigh Green

Gold Coast QLD

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Practicing Yoga has truly changed my life.

Coming from a life that was consumed by bad food, drinking, drugs, toxic emotions and toxic relationships, finding Yoga has been my saving grace.

Transforming my heart, body, mind and soul and showing me a way of life that is beautiful and magical in every aspect, a life that doesn't need material or external pleasures to make me happy. Yoga has taught me to look inside and find that deep peace that resonates within.

I love all forms and practices of Yoga but I find what really resonates with me most is the practice of Hatha & Yin Yoga.

I find that most forms of Yoga today are dynamic and active practices, as is mostly our day to day life. Yin Yoga forces us to slow down, become one with ourselves and one with our practice. To bring that awareness to our breath and measure how we are truly feeling in that

A quote that I simply love is "Respond as you are, who you are to this time and place". Nirvair Singh Khalsa.


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