Ashley Adams

Burlington, WI
United States

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began practicing yoga when I was a junior in high school. It was a weekly activity my mom and I could do together in a time when many relationships start to struggle. Needless to say, our relationship has only grown deeper and our love of yoga has too. It continues to be something we do together twelve years later. When I went off to college I really started to practice and is in fact one of the hardest classes I took and my only "C"- I struggled learning all of the sanskrit! From there I moved to Madison and my practice became a constant in my life. Taking at least once class a day, I was exposed to many styles, teachers and philosophies.

Two years ago, my husband and I moved to Burlington, and I went into panic- WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!? My husband recommended I discover my personal practice. This lead to me dive head first into a more full practice within the eight limbs of yoga. I am excited to be teaching others as I continue to expand my own learning and practice.

During the week, I am a seventh and eighth grade science teacher. My husband Ryan and I, also welcomed Calvin into our lives in February 2016. Due to his arrival, I also began my path of "Mommy Yoga". I began with prenatal yoga and have expanded into 'Mommy and Me' as well. Being a new mom and a yogini have been great complements to each other as I explore this new part of my practice.


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