Ashley MacDonald

United Kingdom

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I stumbled into my first yoga class 20+ years ago. The class was two hours long: we meditated, breathed, practised Asana (postures) and had a 20 minute Savasana (rest pose). It was glorious . . . And through this class I became aware of my strength, my alignment, and the connection between my mind and body.

3 years later this sort of yoga was gone (or very difficult to find). I bounced from Ashtanga classes to Vinyasa Flow classes, Hatha to Iyengar; I even did a stint in the heat (it was 'interesting').

Today yoga for me is a process of evolution - day to day enquiry about my inner-body connecting to my outer-world.

For me yoga is about connecting . . .

I create a self-practice that honours where I am in each moment, connecting to an authentic style of movement. Some days that simply means sitting still and breathing.


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