Ashley McEachern

Toronto, ON

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I discovered yoga after completing my MA in International Development and working with some of the world’s most at-risk populations. It was during a Yoga Teacher Training in the Sacred Valley of Peru where I realized how self-awareness, mindfulness and higher consciousness is the path towards truly eradicating disease, poverty and exploitation, both in Canada and across the globe. It was there where I realized that the journey to peace begins with each individual.

I truly believe that yoga is part of a greater path to inner and outer strength, patience, play and peace. My classes are taught with a deep compassion for each student’s individual situation and are often described as inspiring, challenging and awakening experiences. I honour alignment, adjustments and mindfulness, and I simply cannot resist a ten minute savasana.

I am grateful for my Anatomy Teachers- Thomas Myers, Bryon Brewster and Leslie Kaminoff; my mindfulness teachers- Sarah Powers and Chaitanya Nitai Das; my writing mentors at Firefly Creative Writing and the women of Bare All Retreats for being a constant source of knowledge and inspiration.

Yoga, writing and travel have all proven to me their ability to strengthen weakened bodies and minds, open closed hearts and transform dark nights into bright sunny days. There is an air of magic that erupts when we take time to be creative, to be still and quiet with ourselves and to ask questions and question the answers we get in return.


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