Ashley Otero

Coral Springs, FL
United States

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Realizing my existence as a vessel for Spirit and its expression has been my aim for the last 7 years. So far it has lead me to dedicating myself to grow into a well- rounded practitioner of the healing arts. I am faithfully dedicated to serving as a support system on and off the mat to people of all walks of life. 

Aside from guiding others through the practice of yoga, I have managed to develop a unique set of skills which I have wholeheartedly integrated into a valuable mind/body tool box as a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and consulting astrologer. I find inspiration in each of these disciplines as well as meditation, Cha Dao (Way of Tea), and the beauty of plant-based foods; by integrating my own experience and knowledge on these aspects of nature I find myself continuously becoming more in tune with the cycles, seasons, and changes of nature.

I find enjoyment in discovering new and exciting ways to make connections with students and clients to get them involved and invested in their own well being- physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My personal yogic education has been in Raja yoga and my teaching background is rooted in Vinyasa, but I have a great respect and appreciation for Yin and restorative yoga practices and find that integrating one or the other into my own practice from time to time brings much needed balance. Although I take yoga seriously, I don't take myself too seriously; I won't pretend to know all the answers and regard humility as a highly valuable virtue. 

You can expect a fun-loving, accepting, judgement-free atmosphere in my classes where I strive to provide you with support,guidance, and inspiration while keepin' it real.  Whether you’re new or a regular student in my class, you will be given space to connect with your self as well as tip and hands on adjustment to help progress your practice. My ultimate aim is to guide you into a deeper awareness of intelligent movement as a meditative art while empowering you to live your yoga!


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