Ashley Thorpe

Houston, TX
United States

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Living in a world where time never slows down can make it difficult for one to find serenity. In order to find this place of peace you must go within. Sivananda yoga is a relaxation based yoga incorporating breath work into each asana. The guru Swami Sivananda's main life teaching was to "Serve. Love. Give. Purify. Meditate. Realize." Sivananda yoga is not a flow based yoga. Relaxation between different postures is beneficial for lowering the heart rate, and increasing the flow of oxygen to your muscles. It also helps to calm the mind, and to bring the attention inward to the sensations and benefits that each posture has to offer. This also gives your muscles a chance to relax and not get over worked. I have experienced the benefits of yoga, and I want to spread the ancient teachings to others. I want to help others to experience how it is possible to relieve stress and enter into the realm of stillness and inner peace.


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