Ashton Reynolds

Roseville, CA
United States

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My name is Ashton Reynolds.

I enjoy the process of collecting education & experiences
to create a deeper understanding of my anatomy, alignment, balance, mental health and relaxation.

I find this knowledge allows me to speak to the mind-body connection with in all of us; allowing space for my students to release muscles, tendons, ligaments,connective tissue, tension and any unwanted emotions/experiences trapped in the body.

I strive to nurture & guide students with compassion & grace
to a physical edge through movement, connection & self reflection.

Guiding my students through this inner space, I hope to illuminate a path for them. To ignite their soul & guide them through wherever they may be in the present moment ​into a place of more self worth & self empowerment.

My journey in life is to be happy.

In order for me to be happy I must live & breathe in alignment with my views, passions & dreams.

My goal is to share these things with you in hopes to inspire you all to do the same.


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