Ashton Thompson

Lompoc, CA
United States

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Growing up as a dancer, I found vinyasa yoga natural for my body because of its continuous movements. I quickly fell in love with this moving mediation that a vinyasa practice creates. It is a process that combs out all debris. I have a strong desire to teach others this incredibly, healing practice. Pursuing my passion to teach, I completed a 200 hour training in Santa Barbara. Teaching around Santa Barbara county and Australia has blossomed my desire to share what I have learned. Letting go of all that does not nurture the grace of my soul, I can now beam radiant light, always. Free your mind of all things restricting, honor your body as it is the vessel that takes you through this journey of life, and let your breath be your fuel.

Asana is a body awareness and a body listening practice. It is the physical of yoga. Allow the asana to aide the true feeling of yoga to manifest through you. The true yoga being the mental clarity, calmness , reflection, and mindfulness that follows after the physical practice is completed. Tapping into the raw, true form that I believe yoga can be, I hope to create an inner process in students to find the organic movements their body craves. I'm an advocate of allowing the heart center to shine through and listening to our bodies--for they hold our wisdom, emotions, and intuition. Yoga is a tool to tap into this lush energy. My teaching is creative based on my body intelligence to sequence eloquently, strategically, and mindfully.


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