Yoga is an endless journey of self exploration and I feel honored to share this ancient holistic healing practice with others.
This is one of the most extraordinary spiritual sciences that has ever discovered by mankind and has maintained an unbroken development throughout history. Yogic methods cover the entire field of our existence - from the physical, sensory, emotional, mental and spiritual to the highest Self-realization. It includes all methods of higher evolution in humanity - physical posture, ethical disciplines, breath control, sensory methods, affirmations and visualizations, mantra and complex meditative disciplines.
Ayurveda is one of the most remarkable holistic medical systems in the world. It includes all methods of healing from diet, herbs, exercise and lifestyle regimens to yogic practices and meditation.
Together, Yoga and Ayurveda afford a complete discipline, one which can transform our existence from the physical to the deepest spiritual levels of our being with extraordinary vitality and creativity on all levels.
My Yoga journey started when I was 9 years old , spontaneously and joyfully performing some intermediate level yoga poses like Shirshasana and so
This amazing experience had a great impression on me and was a unique support in all life circumstances.
Since I have been captivated by Yoga from my childhood, I became immediately devoted to it when I took my first group class in 1995.
Mostly I was focusing on inner practice exploring by myself over the years different styles of yoga.
After getting certified In 2007 in Ukraine - Simeiz by the founder of Universal Free Style Yoga - Andrey Lappa, I am teaching this style.
Fortunately at the same time I was initiated into ancient tantra tradition - Karma Kagyu School (Tibetan Buddhism) which made such a deep influence on my life and practice.


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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I think i was trully blessed to have finally met my Guru!!!
In the most diffucult part of my life this teached have shown and explained me the right path of the living. Saying very spiritual, experienced and friendly is like saying not enough of what she is in person. Her compation, love, proffesionalism and knowledge of what she does is the top of what i have even expected to find and get from yofa teacher.

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It is impossible to express our feelings simply by words while talking about our spiritual teachers…Atri, I’m very grateful to you for my experience, knowledge, feelings, everlasting search . I’m practicing for about 9 years and constantly happen to catch myself in the thoughts how lucky we are…though in particular you taught us to have no doubts what’s going on around and each event has its own purpose…Physical openness, precise understanding of your yoga practice, smooth energetic flow, charming and always smiling teacher with her incredible attention to details in everything – all this just a short expression of my experience in yoga class. My great wish – to have these amazing feelings forever…

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Atri Ilyasova - Yoga Guru who heals and transforms..

Atri Ilyasova is leading me on my yoga way for more than 12 years. The most important thing about her is that she combines a great deal of knowledge and experience with incredible kindness and humility. Her experience and knowledge is supported by years of intensive personal practice and studies in the world known Yoga and Ayurvedic schools. She structures her classes in a fully balanced way that heals the physical body and brings harmony to the inner world.
I'm very thankful to Atri for her support during all these years.

Atraba IlyasovaApril 9, 2014

Namaste Kama!
Thank you so much for taking the time to review :)
Best of luck!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
The amazing, experienced and very inspiring Yoga Teacher.

My yoga journey started with simple desire to find an activity to combat work related stress since any fitness activities no longer would do the trick. I was in need to find some other type of activity that will physically challenge my body, make my mind still and create the inner peace. That is when I met my Yoga Teacher- Atraba Ilyasova. Atri has been my Teacher ever since and it is for the last 12 years. She is the very knowledgeable, experienced and incredibly inspiring teacher.


Her classes are always very carefully constructed to provide the challenge and lead to the growth in the physical, the metal and emotional areas. Atri is an amazing teacher and so knowledgeable about the 8 limbed path of yoga, Universal Yoga and a wide myriad of interconnected practices including Ayurveda, energy work and more! Her experience and approach make classes a true journey inward and it's a pleasure to practice with her. Atraba Ilyasova is the Certified by Yoga Alliance Teacher. The certification was provided by the very experienced Yoga Teacher and founder of Universal Yoga - Andrey Lappa. Also, Atraba is the certified Ayurveda Life-style Coach by the American Institute of Vedic Studies. In addition to being an excellent Yoga Teacher, she is a wonderful human being who spreads love, peace, wisdom of yoga and happiness around her. She is an understanding, attentive, eternally kind and very gentle soul. I wish everyone will have such a privilege to be a student of such a teacher as Atri. I am very grateful to my teacher - Atri for everything she has done for us- her students, since through her and her teaching of Yoga I received everything I was looking for and more. Yoga is no longer an activity, it is a lifestyle! Thank you.

Atraba IlyasovaApril 8, 2014

Namaste Naila!
Thank you so much for your kindness..awesome review.. :) Highly appreciated...and very grateful for your support!
Warm hugs and best of luck in your study!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Bright, wise, understanding

I have been practicing with my teacher for more than seven years. And this is the most bright, interesting and conscious years in my life. She’s delightfully energy filled and knowledgeable yoga teacher, working with each of her students where ever they’re in their personal journeys, providing loving and caring explanation.


Also her anatomical and ayurvedic knowledge helps students to deepen their practice, to understand themselves better, inspiring to find something special for themselves in yoga...always with the smile... She is delicate, but demanding. She teaches us discipline, to be respectful to teachers, and most importantly to spread love to yourself and all living beings… Her knowledge of yoga comes from the feeling of deep dedication and love of the practice, day by day improving our lessons so you never get bored. . Also Atri taught me how to improve my physical wellbeing, to listen and understand my body. I am very thankful having met such a teacher. Yoga is her life and she’s sharing it with love.

Atraba IlyasovaApril 5, 2014

Namaste Nargiz...many thanks :) best of luck!