Aubrey Bates

Ashland, OH
United States

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Aubrey Bates began a yoga practice in 2010 and something stirred. She followed that stirring and in a hot power vinyasa class, something awoke. Not knowing what that "something" was, she continued following her practice, finally identifying it during teacher training at Amazing Yoga in 2014. Herself. Yoga has taught her how to overcome her fears, to feel strong and free and to courageously follow the passion of helping others to do the same. As a teacher, her favorite classes will make you sweat, challenge you to places beyond where you thought you were capable. And then, best of all, she'll celebrate the mental, physical and spiritual breakthroughs we all experience as lifelong yoga students. When Aubrey isn't being taxi/cheerleader/chef/housekeeper/nurse to her 3 kids, or friend/partner/lover to her husband, and when she isn't drinking coffee/wine with her friends, cooking or eating a great meal or even doing her favorite hobby, reading, she'll gratefully be on her mat, being reminded that she is enough.


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