Autumn DeLorenzo

Salem, MA
United States

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A yoga practitioner of over five years, Autumn has honed her practice into a balancing ritual of daily self-compassion. As her love of yoga grew, she found that consistent yoga and meditation had a restorative affect on her psyche. Bewildered by it's ability to bring the body, mind, and soul into harmony, she pursued a path of yogic healing to share the benefits of yoga with all who are ready to receive. A motivated and collaborative spirit, Autumn's outgoing and positive personality make her a pleasure to practice with. Her affinity for combining earnest verbal cues and attentive assists, give her the ability to create a mindful atmosphere for all students. Autumn draws inspiration from Ayurvedic principles to create empowering class sequences tailored to the season, the time of day and the majority dosha of her audience. It is her mission to provide students with a stronger sense of inner unity and a deeper understanding of their unique greatness, so that they might develop the tools needed to live their fullest lives.


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