Ava Riby Williams

United Kingdom

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I have always loved the beauty and shapes of the yoga asanas. Coming from a dance background, when I first began practising 7 years ago, the practise looked like a true art form to me. I also loved the way a class could make people feel proud of their bodies whilst having fun. But it was when I delved further into more of yoga that it started to change my life.
Yoga enables it’s students to “think more clearly, breathe more effortlessly and move more efficiently” It is the “integration of mind, breath and body.” I loved the calm that the practise brought me, the positivity or clarity of thought and the sense of mindfulness it encouraged. I am so grateful to my practise for the self confidence and clear sense of “me” that it gives. I love challenging myself- be it with mountain climbing and hiking or taking risks with a new job or project; my practise gives me the conviction to make decisions, then make things happen!
I was lucky enough to complete my 200hr teacher training program with Kathy and other inspiring mentors at Hot Zen- just one step on this wonderful (never-ending) yoga journey!


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