Avani Gilbert

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Costa Rica
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Avani Gilbert was born and raised in Maine, the snowy northeast corner of the United States. Continuing to follow her passions for travel, Spanish, yoga and Latin America, Avani made her way to Costa Rica in 2004 for the first time. Her love affair with the country bloomed the day she arrived.

Beginning her yogic journey at the age of fourteen, Avani self-guided herself as a teenager through practice with textbooks and videos to supplement her work as a competitive athlete. At the age of 22 she completed her teacher training after joining group Asana for 3 years. She credits the Practice for bringing her to a place of peace, bliss and beauty within her own life and considers it a gift to share this joy with others. She enjoys sharing graceful and creative flows, balance and a sense of humor in her group classes. She teaches a variety of styles and levels from beginner to advanced, private and group classes at her home studio, OM at Cashew Hill in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Check her out with a sweaty Karuna Flow, a balanced Yin-Vin class or a yummy YinKi sesh (yin + Reiki). She's always happy to share her passion for the practice.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Teacher, Guide and Friend

What I admire most from Kristin is her clarity and devotion in the practice of Yoga. One of the things that characterizes her as a teacher is that she remains a student. And she loves it. Constantly updating her knowledge, interested in gaining more and more experience, acquiring new skills. Her knowledge of classical yoga philosophy is thorough and yet remains open to all of the new expressions yoga has taken, often creating a fun, engaging blend of movement disciplines and styles. I've had the pleasure to be her student for many years now and consider her one of my guides in my study of yoga. Expect to work hard, learn how to breathe deeply and have fun in her classes.

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Kristin is fabulous!

I recently stayed at OM for a week and took yoga classes with Kristin as well as having a Reiki treatment (for the first time). I chose to go to OM because of the excellent reviews of Kristin and OM yoga on Trip Advisor.


Kristin is an extremely good teacher, she has a lovely, serene, yet fun manner, explains well, is very understanding of different people's bodies, and at one with the mind-body-spirit connection. Having had many injuries in the past, there are certain things which I find very challenging, but Kristin is very inclusive and safety conscious and puts you at ease in the class regardless of ability.

Kristin also introduced me to different types of yoga such as Yin which would suit and benefit me well considering what she knew about me once she had done my Reiki session in which she identified areas of my body which indeed suffer from previous injuries, and chakra energies / emotions which I have been recently been dealing with. She let me know I may experience some vivid dreams afterwards, and indeed I did (when I usually can't remember dreams ever!). I don't know much about reiki, but I am convinced Kristin has very special skills and healing hands. If I could, I would visit regularly but sadly Costa Rica is not so easy from the UK! I would definitely recommend OM and Kristin to anyone local to Puerto Viejo.

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Thank you!

I was recently introduced to Yoga at Kristin's studio in Puerto Viejo. There is a weekly community class they she hosts by donation to raise money for a local school project. This was the perfect introduction to yoga because it was affordable and for a good cause! I was hooked after my first class! I started taking classes 3/4 times a week over the next two months.


One of my favorite aspects about yoga with Kristin is that it is all about personal practice and showing your mind and body compassion. That being said, her classes are also never short of personal challenges for the mind and body. Complicated poses are broken down in a way you feel comfortable and safe trying, as well as confident to continue in your own practice. As someone new to yoga, my ideas about the subject were pretty serious, but Kristin offers a wonderful balance between mindfulness and fun!!!!!

My favorite classes with Kristin are Yin-vin, karuna flow, and yin-ki. With clear, step by step instructions, Kristin guides you into poses that release all the tension from your body and clears your mind leaving you feeling relaxed, fresh, and positive! For a burst of energy, great music, and fun I love karuna flow! Or if you are in need of a soothing and healing combination for the mind and body, Kristin's yin-ki (yin and Reiki) is it!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Over the years I have visited OM on many different occasions and have had the pleasure of practicing with Kristin many times. I have watched her grow both personally and professionally and am truly inspired by her journey.


For me yoga is not only asana and pranayama practice for an hour or so on the mat. It is, in my opinion, a choice to live mindfully and to serve others. When opening OM, Kristin opened the eyes and hearts of many in her community. She provides not only a space for physical and mental growth, but a place of comfort and encouragement. With programs such as Pase la Paz (Pass on the Peace), Surfasana (a free surf and yoga program for local children), and weekly community trash cleanup, Kristin embodies mindful living.

As a teacher Kristin encourages her students to find their edge and I always know that I will leave her class having learned something new. Her Karuna Flow builds just the right amount of heat and leaves my body feeling energized while at ease. Her knowledge of the practice is astounding and her focus on the individual needs of her students is greatly appreciated.

If you have the opportunity to visit OM and take a class with Kristin I highly recommend it. She is a truly inspiring teacher, woman, and friend.

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Practicing yoga with Kristin was a joy!

I had the pleasure of taking several of her classes during a week stay at OM, and was introduced to several styles of yoga I had never heard of, let alone tried. I especially enjoyed her YinKi (Yin + Reiki) class! I had never taken a yoga class like it and was amazed at how good my body felt and how serene my mind was at the end of this class.


Kristin’s attention to detail, teaching skills and passion for yoga created an environment that made my practice very special. I felt like I was an honored guest and my every need – physically and spiritually really mattered to her.

The only problem practicing with Kristin has created for me is now that I have experienced such a high standards of teaching; I am finding my classes back home a bit disappointing. I really miss the variety and atmosphere that Kristin and OM offer. If you have an opportunity to take a class (or several) with Kristin, do it! You’ll be glad you did.

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if only i could go to one of kristens classes right now!!!! xo

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Wonderful and Intentional Instructor!

I have been practicing yoga for ten years and Kristin is, by far, one of the best teachers I've ever had. She sets an intention for every class, be it a group intention or an individual intention and there is always a focus for the class. She welcomes requests and her playlists are simply the best. She incorporates reiki as well as cranial sacral into her classes which has taken my practice to a completely different level inwardly. I used to think the only way I could get a good practice in was with a really intense and hard power flow but with her yin classes, I have learned how those are actually the hardest classes to take and I feel more of a workout with those than any other advanced vinyasa flow class I've ever taken.

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Kristin = blessing + laughter + challenge

During my time living and working in Puerto Viejo, Kristin was such a gift to have nearby. Her classes were always just challenging enough to keep me on my toes. With this in mind, Kristin always has a smile and an adjustment when needed. Her laughter is infectious! Her Reiki treatments are amazing!

I so enjoyed my time with Kristin and Om Yoga that I hope to return some day as a trained yoga teacher. I would recommend Kristin and Om Yoga to anyone who makes their way to Puerto Viejo!


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Kristin is one of the best instructors I have ever had in my 5 years of yoga (on and off) practice. I enjoy her meditation focused classes, heated vinyasa flows and always look forward to starting out my weekends with her firey reggae-tuned Friday morning class. An expert in her field who gives individual attention to your yoga practice in a graceful way without making one feel overwhelmed.

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Deep, Intentional, Yummy Yoga

Kristin is hands down one of the best instructors I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. Her classes are deeply intentional, often working with set intentions that the asana mindfully follows. Her experience is evident in the way that she can quickly adapt her classes to special requests asked for by students. Whether it's an evening wind down or a fire building flow Kristin's classes are always creative and fun paired with awesome playlists and flows that make me feel like a beautiful dancer. She often incorporates seated pranayama, reiki, and even DIY cranio sacral into her classes. All of her classes practice deep self compassion. I really can't say enough great things about her classes.

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Kristen rocks

I have been to many of Kristens classes. Every class is different, and creative. Every class she teaches is inspiring and she helps faciltate you going deep within yourself. I am super thankful to have Kristen in my community teaching yoga and inspiring everyone she comes in contact with. she knows her ting. She makes her classes fun. yet challenging. She is truely teaching from her heart.


No matter what is going on in my life whenever I walk out of one of kristens classes I feeled healed, inspired ,abudant , loved and connected to the source. If you are ever in puerto viejo costa rica you got to check out om and kristens class . You will be addicted .Thank you Kristen for bringing so much joy into our lives and showing us the postive path.She is a true divine goddess yogini.