Avital Miller

Grass Valley, CA
United States

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E-RYT 500
As Avital practiced her yoga postures during a backpacking trip around the world, people began asking her to teach them. She discovered a great joy in sharing something she loved and helping to bring inner peace to many people. In 2004 she became a certified Ananda Yoga® Instructor. She immediately started running her own outdoor yoga business, managed yoga and fitness programs at the YMCA, and became a teacher trainer.

Longing to share the deeper aspects of yoga postures and the spiritual path, Avital moved to Ananda Village. There she has worked as an Ananda Yoga Teacher Trainer and the Sales and Marketing Director for Crystal Clarity Publishers, Ananda’s publishing company. She teaches around the world to help promote Crystal Clarity’s books, and has found her program on the book How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality by Paramhansa Yogananda to be especially popular.

Avital has a professional background in dance and has created spiritual dance performances around the world, as well as movement programs to help people direct their energy to the divine.

Avital says, “While I am careful to express spiritual principles so that they are clear and easy to understand, what is most important to me is that people feel a touch of love in their hearts, joy in their spirits, or peace in their minds.”

Please visit to find out more about Ananda, Paramhansa Yogananda, and the founder of Ananda Yoga, Swami Kriyananda.

“Avital Miller embodies and represents the many qualities of a true yogi and leader. I first met Avital during the YTT in 2010, and felt fortunate to have the privilege and gift of her teachings. She does not only do yoga, she completely surrenders to and embraces the lifestyle that many yearn for as a dedicated practitioner of this ancient, powerful practice of yoga. Her warm spirit and congenial personality give everyone around her a sense of calmness, trust, care, openness, and love….I consider Avital a true blessing and a gift to our world.”
—Newton Campbell, E-RYT 200, Newport Beach, CA

“Not many people have the gift of enthusiasm plus “follow through” like Avital. More importantly, she has the gift of kindness and generosity from her heart to others.”
—A. M., Nevada City, CA

“Avital has such a calm and easy way about her that it really made learning stress-free.”
—J. V., Orlando, FL

“I have seen so many dance performances…to some of them, their ego and title alone gets into dancing …some (dancers) jump across the stage…Some show how energetic they are when on stage… So… what is dance…It is an art to draw cosmic energy through mudras / bhavas by creating ripples in the cosmic ocean and pass it to the observer to reap the benefits of Joy and Ecstasy if not bliss…You justified this definition. You are the best in dancing…what a commitment and capacity to perform even in the limited space. We are grateful to you.”
—Vijay Mohan, Chennai, India


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