Aviva Belhassen

Sao Paulo - São Paulo

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Aviva Belhassen completed her 200-hour professional Yoga Teacher Training at Anamaya Resort in Montezuma, Costa Rica under the guidance of Peter Kaaberbol Kristensen of LagoCph. Aviva specializes in alignment based Vinyasa yoga where the focus is to synchronize breath and movement. The benefits of Vinyasa Yoga are both mental and physical as not only are toxins expelled from the body leaving practitioners re-energized but the synchronization of breath allows one’s mind to relax thus increasing energy flow throughout the body.

Aviva was born and raised in Montreal, Canada where she was first introduced to yoga over 10 years ago. Aviva is currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has had the unique opportunity to practice yoga in a number of countries throughout the world, thus affording her the chance to integrate the various teachings she has encountered into both her private and group classes.

“The benefits of practicing yoga are infinite as each individual embarks on their own unique journey the minute they step onto their mat for the first time. I am ever grateful that as a Yoga Teacher I have the chance to not only appreciate Yoga’s many benefits firsthand through my own experiences but also assist others in connecting more deeply with themselves as well as those around them.”


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