Aya Sheevaya

Sedona, AZ
United States

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• Aya is a 500 RYT yoga teacher, with a background of both Western and Eastern yoga wisdom traditions,
• a community-oriented Partner/Acro Yoga teacher
• and a cosmic artist, the creator of the StarWheels Mandalas and the online School of Sacred Geometry.
Aya has developed a style of "Anjali Celebration Yoga" that he now teaches at global festivals and yoga studios in Sedona, AZ
In the classes he offers, Aya shares his passion for dancing life and celebrating consciousness through Breath activation, Vinyasa Yoga flows, Partner & Acro Yoga, Kirtan chanting, group creativity and the deep silence of Meditation.
By grounding the body, opening the heart and jump-starting the energy currents, we come back home to the bliss of our original love nature. Know yourself, surrender to existence, smile beyond your mind and re-weave community.
The founder of the educational non-profit StarWheel Foundation, Aya holds the vision of an international School of Celebratory Arts for yogis-yoginis of all ages and galaxies…
Maha Namaste Smiles


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