Ayse Yufkayürek

Urla İzmir
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Traditional Tantra Yoga Teacher

RYT 500 & E-RYT 200 Yoga Alliance and certified as Advanced Teacher by Shri Kali Ashram
classes, tuition, workshops and retreats in Europe, Turkey and lndia


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Simply Gifted!

It was a short leisure solo-trip to Istanbul, I needed it so badly as I was completely stressed out from my old frustrating job that I finally decided to walk away from and I was about to start my new exciting job; a transition period you can call. I knew I needed to transform but didn't know how. I decided to try something new; something that will get me physically active.


So I did Pilates and it was amazing, I was able to put all my core muscles to a serious test, to me, it was challenging by all definitions. I did a Gymstick class few days later, and it was also very fun and challenging. I decided classes are my new thing. But soon enough, it was October the 29th, Turkey's Republic Day. I was informed by the Hotel that all scheduled classes are cancelled on that day, but they asked me if I would like to try Yoga instead with Ayse, so I said sure; whatever keeps me physically active. Ofcourse, I had absolutely no idea about real Yoga at that point; all I knew was that it's certainly something that will challenge my muscles even further.

It was that session only, one single session, when Ayse introduced me to the world of Yoga, and completely changed my mind about it, I was impressed. She gave me what I call the ultimate introduction. She allowed me to listen to my inner-self, inner-body, it was when mind and body met in such a delightful harmoney.

Ayse is a very, I like to say, quintessential instructor, very professional and she knows what she is doing. You can clearly tell she is very passionate about it, and that I beleive is the key for doing really great in what you do. But most importantly, and by now you might be wondering about the reason behind the review title that I chose: "Simply Gifted!", well, it is true because Ayse is gifted with a unique silvery voice; very deep and very clear that, to me, seemed to create the absolute atmosphere in that quite echoing room. Briefly, you couldn't possibly imagine the experience until you actually try it. Loved it!

Thank you Ayse for being extremely patient with me,

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Tried yoga from someone else few years ago and didn't like it at all. Discovered back again with Ayşe and liked it a lot. Stretches my body helps to relax easily and get rid of daily, weekly work and life load out of your body.Her style is smooth and no forcing on moves which keeps you confident and safe. I had back pain before and after two months of regular (once a week) sessions all the pain is gone and feel more fresh. Still doing yoga with her once a week , sincerely can say that keeps me alive. Thanks

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Bana derslerimiz hakkında değerlendirme yazar mısın? diye sorduğunda içimden ne kadar zor bir şeye evet dediğimin farkındaydım; deneyimsel soyut bir şeyleri somut kelimelerle ifade etmeye çalışacaktım ki Tantra Yoga gevşemeyi ve BİR liği hücrelerinize öğrettiğiniz, üç saatlik masal gibi bir çalışma sonunda gökyüzünde akışa geçtiğiniz bir şey..


Kendi kendine yegane olan bir şeyi kıyaslama yapma imkanı olmadan anlatabilmek imkansıza yakın bir şey daha önce iki yıla yakın yoga çalıştım, ilk yoga dersimde yaşadığım huzur ve dinginlikten sonra daha ötesi olabilir mi diyordum ? Ayse Yufkayürek’le yaptığımız Tantra Yoga çalışmalarından sonra her seferinde aynı soruyu sormaktayım daha ötesi nedir ? var mıdır? Anlatılması her denenmesinde kıfayetsiz kalacak bu deneyimi herkesin kendince yaşamasının en iyisi olacağını ifade ederek, YÜREĞİ hakiki manada YUFKA olan hocama kelimelere sığmayacak şükranlarımı sunarak bu güne kadar bilebildiğim edinmiş olduğum yaşam deneyimlerinin ZİRVE sini bana yaşattığı için teşekkürü borç bilirim. Faruk AYDIN

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A wholesome approach to life

Ayse’s education in Yoga and Tantric philosophy in India has provided her with a worldview as well as a set of values that proved immensely helpful in her goal to become a well balanced and satisfied person, that is able to love herself and others and which sees herself as being part of one wholeness. The principles that guide her in her everyday approach to life are honest, natural and sustainable in nature.


I can say all these things about her because I experienced them during a time when I was in grave need of getting in touch with my feelings and the belief in and understanding of “love”. Ayse was there for me during this time, which doesn’t mean that she always told me what I wanted to hear. She told me what she thought was right based on her principles and values, and which ultimately proved so valuable to me.