Ayumi Gallagher

Queenstown F7
New Zealand

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Originally from Scotland, over the past 6yrs Ayumi has spent much of her life travelling, seeking adventure and inspiration and finding love and laughter from some of the most unexpected corners of the world. Ayumi strives to live by the often quoted saying, "Life isn't about finding yourself, it’s about making yourself". Along every journey she has slowly gathered together a basket of skills that has allowed her to live the life she loves, gaining her Pilates training in London, Yoga training in India and massage training in Japan. Her passion for teaching Yoga and Pilates stems from the love of watching people realise how much strength they already hold within themselves. Ayumi will see it start from finding the strength to hold a pose for that extra breath or becoming aware of their own body for the first time and then watch it permeate into their whole being. Being able to be part of such a change is why she loves what she does. Ayumi combines the anatomical foundations of her Pilates training, spiritual aspects of her yoga training and her roots as a dancer in the hope to create unique, gracefully powerful flows.


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