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After over 10 years in marketing and sales jobs in London, Dubai and Amsterdam, whilst simultaneously living with the fear of losing my mother to cancer for as long as I can remember; it was yoga, together with my love for (making) music that saved me from an even bigger breakdown than the one I actually had.

The emotional openings I felt through the physical practice of yoga upon rediscovering it whilst on sabbatical in Bali lead me to not only want to, but also to need to dive into all that it entailed further.

I delved deeper by completing 2 teacher trainings with the uniquely talented Cat Kabira at the Yoga Barn, also in Ubud, Bali. For Cat, our lives and bodies are all about living from our core whilst living with love and integrity towards ourselves both on and off the truly resonates with me, plus in particular my personal belief that life is all about the balance. Whether it’s work/family, wine/yoga; it’s about feeling what makes you happy and respects both your heart’s desires and body’s needs in a particular moment. For me, yoga helps uncover these desires that so often get lost or disregarded along the way.

After exploring more physically intense yoga styles, including Astanga with Kino McGregor my passion became clear. My heart lies with Yin, beginners (we are all beginners once!), slow flow and kids yoga; all forms of Hatha yoga I have learnt to teach during my trainings (nearly 500 hours). I am now so excited to be able to share these styles with you in Amsterdam both at the safe haven of Bar’s Yoga, as well as at your home or office!

The greatest thing I believe in and want to bring you in my classes and workshops is the feeling of joy, balance, connection and compassion…with yourself! That’s where it all begins; inside yourself. And to get inside we need to get (gently) physical.

Expect to feel it all at Bar’s Yoga! Your time here is to learn, grow, discover and have fun (and that’s just off the mat;-))…and perhaps listen to the odd live lullaby by Bar on the piano in the process.

I look forward to seeing you soon. You deserve it!


Barbara Paans-Mollerus

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