Bara Cechova

United Kingdom

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Yoga with Bara at Walking the Path
I wish to welcome you to Walking the Path – the space where I bring many aspects of life together and share the essence and beauty of life through the practice and development of Yoga, meditation, breath work, a nutritious diet and more…

My focus when teaching is on a personal approach and the practice of mindfulness within every moment, every breath and every posture. Connecting you with your true self and discovering the beauty within. Everybody can practise Yoga and I will encourage you to bring it into your life more fully no matter your experience or ability.

Having practised Yoga and meditation for twelve years, I’ve gradually transitioned from the corporate world working in IT with Microsoft software to teaching Yoga in Reading for all levels of ability. I've benefited so much from being present and practising yoga, I believe you can too. Join me in walking the path to explore the wonderful moments of life and the creativity within ourselves…

I offer private sessions and Yoga classes within the Reading area and West Berkshire for various levels of ability and fitness:

• Mindful Hatha yoga
• Gentle Mindful Hatha yoga
• Chair Seated Yoga
• Yoga for those with special needs (elderly, Parkinson's, MS, high BMI etc.)
• Sivananda sequence for intermediate practitioners


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