Barbara Bobbye Brown Yoga "4U"

Atlanta, GA
United States
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Bobbye was a student practicing yoga for 22 years and after retiring from the corporate cube followed her passion of yoga. Bobbye is registered with the National Yoga Alliance and is currently an RYT-500, E-RYT200 and YACEP. She earned her 200 hour RYT certification in Hatha Ashtanga based primary series; and continues her studies with Prajna Yoga, Santa Fe, NM. Bobbye received her 300 Hour Prajna Yoga certification; and has achieved her certification in Tias Little’s SATYA program (Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement). Bobbye shares her love of teaching being involved in mentoring in the 200-hour teacher training programs in the Atlanta area. She has over 1,300 teaching hours and her teaching format includes classes in SATYA (somatic awareness), gentle; vinyasa, chair & restorative yoga. She can be found teaching in studios, health & wellness, senior living & corporate yoga; as well as subbing for various other teachers in the Atlanta/Decatur area. Bobbye teaches for the love of sharing her passion providing the tools for students to experience finding ease on the mat while exploring new pathways in the body for inner transformation. "Enter the Door to Bobbye Brown Yoga 4U" ... All Bodies , Ages, Levels are welcome. Bobbye is a forever student and is continuing her study with Tias & Surya Little, Prajna Yoga, in the Prajna Yoga 500-hour program.


Average: 4.6 of 5 stars

15 Reviews

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Bobbye is a nurturing, warm soul who is mindful of each individual's ability when teaching her class.


Rhoda, thank you so much for providing this kind, inspiring review. Reviews provide me a barometer to make sure I'm following "my passion of teaching".

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Bobbye Brown Yoga Review

Bobbye is an extremely friendly and considerate instructor. She assess the abilities of those in her class and will offer suggestions to challenge the more advanced and options for those who are new to yoga. Bobbye has an infectious positive attitude and is a joy to be around.

Bobbye Brown Yoga Review

Dawn, thank you so much for taking time to provide this very inspiring review. Reviews provide me a guide to make sure I'm following my mission for teaching

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Bobbye is a Diamond

I take Bobbye's class: Gentle yoga for all ages.
I have immense respect for Bobbye and her teachings. Our classes are always full of laughter and learning. I feel compelled to quote Hafiz at this point in my review:

“The diamond takes shape slowly
With integrity’s great force,
And from
The profound courage to never relinquish love.”

Bobbye is a Diamond

Valerie, thank you so much for the awesome input ... I so enjoy sharing my love of yoga and taking beyond the mat! Your beautiful description depicts that I'm on track to achieve my goal "Aspiring to Inspire with Love" ... Grateful for your attendance to share in this awesome yoga journey. Blessings Bobbye

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A balanced teacher

I was new at yoga when I started taking classes with Bobbye. I love the way she teaches with a side on the spiritual. That said, my body is more flexible, my balance has improved, and I am eager to learn new poses. I am hooked to this gentle yoga.

A balanced teacher

It is my pleasure to share my love of yoga and meditation with you and Bernie So happy that you're enjoying the practice and it is my goal to help you strengthen the body, calm the mind, and find that deeper peace going "beyond yoga".

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Great Guide for Yoga Journey

Bobbye is a wonderful teacher. The emphasis is on learning, holding poses, and knowing and being comfortable with your body. She is very interested in structuring the class around what students want...has helped me so much over the last year and a half!

"Great Guide for Yoga Journey"

Robert, thank you so much for your awesome review ... once a year I do what I refer to as "Performance Review" in the working area ... with students who have attended my class on a regular basis. This is so important as I strive to meet my "personal teaching goals" and your review is indeed what I strive to accomplish! "The Goal of Yoga is focused on Practice not Performance"... On your continual yoga journey I look forward to being the "tour guide" to provide the road map for finding that connection to mind, body & spirit.

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Gentle teacher

I have been a regular yoggie in Bobbey's class for several months now and LOVE it. Bobbey is very aware of the need to listen to your unique body and to tend to it's needs. She will take you to the edge of your ability it you want but does not push you further or faster than you should go. She is very respectful of your needs and knowledgeable of proper yoga poses and stretches. I have thoroughly enjoyed classes under her guidance.

Gentle teacher

Kathi, awesome, thank you so much for touching on the important facets of being a good instructor that I strive to embody in the student, whether a seasoned yogi or this is your first class ... honoring where you are in the present moment ..." Practice to feel not to Accomplish"

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Bobbye is very patient. She is great to work with. I was a yoga doubter. She has been able to spark my enthusiasm.

Bobbye is great

Cherri, I'm thrilled beyond words to have taken you to the level of comfort exploring and honoring to listen to your body "never going beyond that edge" remembering that as the yoga instructor "I'm your tour guide to provide the road map for discovering a new body in the same body"

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Bobbye is great!

I am new to yoga. Bobbye has been great to welcome me. I love her spiritual openings and closings and the calming music. MShe always reminds us to pay attention to our bodies, not to overdo and to be tuned in to where we are on a given day. She also asks the class if we have any particular areas we would like to work on. Each season, we focus on specific parts do the body.


Each week, Bobbye mixes up the routine and gives us different poses so our bodies are stretched and awakened in new ways. She is quite friendly, checks in with where we are, and pokes fun at herself and her human-ness to choose poses she likes and avoid ones she is less fond of - just like we all do! Her voice is calm and encouraging. She walks around as needed to help us with poses or help us make adjustments to be more comfortable. I recommend attending her classes!

So appreciative of your awesome review and enlightens my teaching role as you outlined and commented on the areas I strive to focus most on in every class Thank you so much for sharing your kind spirit & energy to others.

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Peaceful, oriented movement with spirit, body, mind!

Bobbye's class is spiritually mastered with all the verbal and visual cues needed to perform your yoga practice! and you can even enjoy your practice with your eyes shut if so desired...
She provides a steady relaxative session of asana allowing the body to maneuver as needed and to our very own limitations instructing us to take responsibility for our own bodies in reaching our goals in asana without overdoing it.
I thank her for being here for us and providing such a wonderful experience in yoga session.
P.S. Awesome back ground music for that perfect meditative asana work! Thanks Bobbye!

Thank you for attending and sharing your kind spirit during out practice.
So enjoyed your attendance on the mat and do appreciate your taking time to provide your review and especially beneFicial coming from one of my yogi peers makes even more special. Blessings of peace. Love & light in 2016.

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Inspirational Yoga Experience - Highly Recommend!!

I had an amazing yoga class with Bobbye Brown - I would highly recommend her.

Inspirational Yoga Experience

Thank you and so happy you enjoyed your "yoga practice" in my clsss @ Decatur Healing Arts and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Great class

I've gone a couple of times to Bobbye's class and I really enjoy it. When I leave the class my body and my mind are at peace. Thanks

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Compassionate and Inspiring

I am grateful for the many ways Bobbye has inspired and encouraged me.

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Passionate about giving back

I live in Texas but would be a regular to Bobbye's class, I felt comfortable attending as I am a level 1 in my practice.

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A guide on the journey

Bobbye has been an inspiration to me because of the way she has embraced teaching yoga later in her life. She has a very positive outlook and always emphasizes the journey we are taking together.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
I love Bobbye!

I attend Bobbye's yoga studio class at Decatur Healing Arts. Living in Snellville, I try to stay close to home when attending yoga classes. However, when I do decide to yoga outside my home, I make the trip because Bobbye is worth it. Don't let her petite physique and gentle personality fool ya. Her yoga routines are challenging and will definitely give your body a good workout...and by workout, I mean wring-out.