Barbara Queirolo

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certified Intermediate Senior II Iyengar yoga teacher, with a specialization in pregnancy yoga and yoga for labor and delivery.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Barbera Queirolo

Barbera Q. is a very talented teacher. She has a lot of experience and managed to share this in the contest of what is going on during class. Barbera is a very humble and respectful towards her students and she can speak on different levels according to the students. I really enjoy going to her class at least tree times a week!

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Live in the class

Barbera Q. is a very experienced and patient Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She knows how to keep the attention on the body and mind. She is very mindfull what, when and how to share her knowledge. She has the tools to communicated in every level. So taken classes with her is a very uplifting experience.

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A bliss for body and mind!

The Iyengar Yoga classes with Barbara Q. transformed me mentally from a nervous and noisy wreck into a grateful woman with a peaceful mind. In addition, my body benefitted enormously. In every single class, whatever level, Barbara teaches me a new, precious piece of body/mind knowledge and shows me how to reach and feel it. Thank you Barbara for passing on Mr. B.K.S. Iyengar's knowledge in such a clear and cheerful way: you showed me the light on Yoga!

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From the outside to the inside

Barbara Queirolo is the best!
She is a very experienced and very focused teacher.
She has a huge knowledge about the body and it is inspiring how she always keeps on investigating and seaching/researching the body through Yoga.
By giving extremely detailed descriptions, clear demonstrations and perfect instructions she can make her students go very far without ever hurting themselves but experience Yoga to the fullest.


She is giving a spiritual experience to her students through the Asanas, not by talking of many spiritual things, but really by working hard on the physical level and doing pranayama.
After having worked in her class you feel all the benefits of Yoga on your own body and mind.
I enjoy her classes because they are very varied and professional, always taking her students in account, having a great overview, a clear mind and a pleasant voice.
Barbara is also a specialist for prenatal Yoga:
thanks to her guidance through pregnancy and her fantastic preparation for an active labour, also for my partner and how he could help me, we were able to have two wonderful birth experiences at home.

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It's a bit difficult trying to review teachers according to these set characteristics (e.g. demonstrates more, body focused, etc.) because I think there are a lot of different approaches to teaching and practicing yoga and some styles are more of this and less of that and so you may end up confusing the characteristics of a yoga style with particular qualities of a teacher.


For instance, in the beginning, Iyengar yoga may come across as very body focused but in fact, as you learn more about it, you find that it is actually a very spiritual practice. I think Iyengar himself is reported to have said "How can you know God if you don’t know your big toe?" and that has always resonated with me. So, let us first start with getting to know our big toes a bit better...

Anyway, I have been following Iyengar yoga with Barbara for about 2 years and she is a wonderful teacher. She is one of the most experienced Iyengar teachers in the Netherlands. She can be a bit tough when she thinks you're not giving it your best or holding yourself back and not realising your full potential. But, she also knows when a person may be pushing themselves too hard and advises them to back off. I think it's a very delicate balance to strike and she does it skillfully. Her demonstrations are always very instructive and clear and she is particularly good at articulating certain nuances of a pose or suggesting modifications which can profoundly affect the quality of one's practice. I would highly recommend her classes to any serious practitioner of yoga.

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excellent teacher

I adore her lessons, they are great, she can be a bit strict, but with Iyengar yoga you need that strictness to get better results. My posture changed alot since I started Iyengar yoga and Barbara helped me tremendous with that. Been having lower back issues for years now, and now they seem manageable and sometimes not there at all. I find her spiritual but not in an evangelist way and the lessons are mostly body/breathing focused.


And for me that is fine because I need to take my own time to see if I want to be on the full yogi path. And well you change the slides according to how you read a word so I read reserved as strict, Barbara is also very friendly, but the strictness is really helpfull and good in this case so I wanted to point that out! Thanks Barbara!