Barbara Sinozic

United Kingdom

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I started practicing yoga in 2000 but took it to another level some ten years later focusing on Ashtanga yoga method.
I strongly believe in the transformative power that yoga & meditation can have on someone's life so I have decided to share the message of yoga with others.
My teaching are inspired by many great yoga teachers that I have trained with in Croatia (Benedikt Perak, Lena Cabrunic, Sandra D. Bianco), UK (Erin Prichard, Ryan Spielman, Stewart Gilchrist) and USA (David Swenson, Kino MacGregor). I have received 200 hour teacher diploma in 2014 at Power Yoga Company in London.
I continue my studies and passion for practice with many wonderful and inspiring teachers in London.
I teach vinyasa yoga classes tailored to clients needs.
So far I mostly taught private yoga classes but I do have experience in group classes as well.


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