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I have been teaching yoga since 2002. I still love it as much as I did the first day of teaching.

I like to remember you how great you are. Everything is already within yourself. You just need the right conditions to remember. The practise of yoga helps you to open your heart. It helps you to feel in balance and connected.

I teach hatha yoga and naam yoga/ shakti naam. I also assist you to create a mantra meditation practise. And I create specific morning yoga and breathing programs on request.

Naam Yoga has its origin in the ancient practices of kundalini yoga combined with the universal teachings of kabbalah of the West. This has nothing to do with religion, it is more a system to make you understand the truth of your self and the universe.

The actual practise involves many specific breathing techniques, techniques to open up the meridians, cardio exercises and the use of sound and mantra.

In my regular naam yoga intensive class you also receive a little extra teaching, based upon the laws of nature, so you can flow better through your life and be happier and healthier.

I love to meet you soon.

Send me a sms 079 200 27 27 to safe the space.

Love and light



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