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Learning is a process at the same appreciation of life that never is what Barlyanta do. He grow up in family environment with high discipline, his childhood in contact with the world of art. A man that is familiarly called Iyan was active in dance activities with his friends of the same age.
The man who was born in Ternate, North Maluku in August 26th 1980 has known body workout at an early age, begins with the art of dance, theater and martial arts. For fourteen years has joined The Theater Tetas Bulungan in Jakarta has brought him appeared from stage to stage in Europe.

Then in 2007 without living his activities as a theater actor, he began to pursue yoga. Moments after, he began his profession as a teacher in several communities Yoga studio in believes that yoga is a behavior of living that he should live , when Iyan believes that nothing is impossible in this life. If we are able to control the breathe, the mind will be controlled. The control of mind will eventually be able to control the body. That is what he holds firmly.

This belief is also transmitted when opening an art class yoga or art of body.
His background as an artist makes Iyan Barlyanta became a yoga trainer who is different from other has a distinctive characteristic movement because some asana have been created and developed by him.

For Iyan Barlyanta, yoga is not just a term that must be remembered like Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga or the sequence of movements that must be memorized and can be formed by the body but he is also very understanding of the anatomy. His amusement in reading anatomy book has enabled him to visualize the inside of the body do work while doing the asana. For him yoga is not just power but rather on the unification and synchronization between the breath, mind, body and soul.

He was born and raised in a culture that devout worship and also a much disciplined family upbringing. It has made him interested in philosophy and are various experiences that have been gained in the world of art. They have made him own the talent as an entertainer. Although it was never planned in advance, he was able to create a great mood for the followers of the yoga class. He often ended the class by giving relaxation to all his students. This moment could make his followers into the delta brain waves. As we all know that the delta brain waves will bring us in a very relaxed state even though the case could be sound asleep just a moment. This happens because he also has expertise as a therapist. The techniques that he mastered are energy and electrical therapy.

He has graduated from Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 500 hours Yoga Alliance USA, Shiva Yoga Peeth,Rishikesh ,in India. Now, he got a sobriquet “magic hand” from some of his students.

The Art of Yoga Bali

Bali beautiful natures as well as the people who love peace has made him steady to stick in the island of gods.
Thus, Iyan Barlyanta builds his community under the auspices of “Art of Yoga Bali”. He is busy with various teaching activities at several yoga studios in Bali either in private or group.


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