Beatrice Morello

Milano MI
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I'm a Pilates and Yoga teacher. This is not only a Job, it's a passion for the human being, for the strong relationship between body and and practicing everyday is the asset of this kind of activity and enjoying it!

PILATES - started practicing Pilates which has become a passion for its effectiveness on the general welfare, not only physical, reached with wisdom and balance through the practice of 6 principles: breathing, core strengthening, accuracy, concentration, control, fluidity. After a continuative and passionate practice I had the opportunity in 2008 to enter Anna M. Cova teacher training and in March 2009 certified as a teacher,
YOGA - In this continuous journey I came into Yoga where Joseph Pilates caught part of the basics for his method and I started practicing it. It has been such a revelation, not only work on body and mind, but exploration and overcome their limitations.
In 2011 I joined the Odaka school a method that suits my needs, where the principle of fluidity find its best expression, fluidity and stability, sthira and sukha; a method that brings me to practice respecting my limits, through them, expanding beyond them, expericencing with new forms that my body can achieve. Lot of energy and stillness. Hearted practice. I’m at home. Certified in July as Yoga teacher 200hrs and following now the 500 hours teacher training.

MEDITATION was at the beginning of this journey in 2001 when I met Olga Nardi that gave me the chance to go in depth in what at that time was just a curiosity: the strong relationship between mind and body, the harmony and the balance I deeply needed reached through the body work. I will be always grateful to the work done together.


Average: 4.7 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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