Beatriz Bravo Pineda

Wynnum West QLD

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My Yoga journey is the vivid image of that quote "Come for the vanity, stay for the sanity"

A few years ago my friend came to me extremely excited to show me a photo of her first headstand and I was amazed and also a bit jealous (my ignorance) I wanted to do that and I was going to make it no matter what, so she invited me to a yoga class, I had never tried it before, I had absolutely no idea of what it was actually about, but I said "Sure, why not?" and that is still today the best decision I've ever made.

Yoga is the best casualty that's ever happened to me, I remember always being too critical and even judgemental not only to others but mostly to myself, Yoga has helped me overcome many many fears and it has also helped me mature and open my eyes to see Life for what it really is, I don't recall the exact moment when I felt that "click" but at some point I knew that this world would be a much better one if everyone practiced Yoga so I decided to become a Yoga Teacher, to help others start their journey, I still have a lot to learn but I'm happy to share my experiences and I feel so excited and fulfilled when I see my students accomplishments in and out of the mat.

I've been to more yoga classes that one can count and had learned many different styles and techniques from different teachers. and experience has taught me that it doesn't matter if you've never tried yoga before or if you are an experienced practitioner, Yoga is for everyone and my goal is to create a bond between you and this amazing discipline, to help you bring awareness to yourself and the world around you, essentially to help you achieve that perfect balance between Body, Mind and Spirit.



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