Becky Brown

Tampa, FL
United States

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Becky believes there are two basic schools of yoga in the West – one of Action and one of Patience. Both schools are effective and serve people at different times in their lives. Becky’s yoga started in 2002 with very active Flow and Ashtanga practices. These challenging yoga styles were needed to help Becky still her extremely active mind. Her yoga mat was one of the few places she could be in the present moment without lists, plans, work, travel, etc. Yoga provided Becky tools to quite her mind and her practice has now evolved into one of patience.

She now practices and teaches a gentler, hatha flowing yoga that offers a deep physical connection, can be restorative or active depending on the daily need, and provides flexibility and strength through longer holds. Becky gives her students permission to have their own practice to honor what best serves their body, spirit and mind. In addition to general all-levels classes, Becky is certified to teach restorative yoga, prenatal yoga, and is an Advanced Nutrition Advisor. She completed her 200 hour teacher training program in 2007 at Midtown Yoga in Memphis, TN and is in process of completing her 500 training program at the Lotus Pond.

Becky lives an active life, not a life jammed with activities. She loves traveling, cooking, reading, rollerblading, biking, kayaking, weight training, running, and of, course yoga.

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