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Hi, my name is Belle and I am honoured to share this space with you and to support you on your journey wherever that may be!

I am a Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Detox Specialist and Health Coach. Health encompassing mind, body and spirit; we are far more than the physical body :)

Having lived/loved health and fitness passionately since my early 20’s, my career in health started in 2006 as an International Fitness Leader and Health Coach; teaching various classes, specializing in yoga, pilates and spin, and conducting live seminars on various health and detox topics both in Australia and extensively throughout London, Europe and America.

In 2010 Angel of Detox was born, I was no longer satisfied with educating people on mass, I wanted to get down in the trenches and provide services one-on-one that were really going to make a difference in improving physical and emotional health.

Since opening the business I met my husband and now in my mid 40’s I find myself a mum! It was hard to step out of the clinic/business world but OMG do I love being a mum. And now that mumma has been born naturally plans have

Our new project; Alyssium Foundation has begun its creation; phase 1 the detox clinic is complete; phase 2 the yoga studio is underway, a beautiful space where we will also host the occasional wedding function; phase 3 will be an adventure playground for the kiddies, phase 4 the guest rooms for retreats or out of town wedding guests etc, we have also talked about a food van to offer yummy organic delicacies fresh from our food forest.

Yoga throughout my pregnancy was my solace & my guiding light, preparing my body physically, emotionally & spiritually for the journey ahead. This is what I now wish to share with other mums & mums to be; just how natural & wonderful & empowering birthing your baby can be even if you are high risk like I was.
My love is for flow yoga, my speciality for many years has been vinyasa flow yoga and now I am really excited to also specialise in pregnancy yoga, having just recently completed the highest training available for pre and post natal yoga with Ana Davis from Bliss Baby Yoga at the Byron Yoga Centre.
It is the greatest gift for me to be able to help and support parents on the journey of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Here at Alyssium Foundation we not only aim to provide you with all the information you need to make empowered decisions but we also want to offer a space to share and process this important time of your life.

The prenatal yoga has taken labour support to a new dimension. It gives mum the opportunity to bond and connect with her baby pre labour, to access the babies and her own highest wisdom. Prenatal yoga sessions deepen your level of understanding for yourself and help to develop confidence in your body and to the process of birth; this will lead to empowerment, personal growth and a sense of loving acceptance for oneself.


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