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Sri Thanu Surat Tahni

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“Yoga is not a practice but a way of life.”

What began for me as a physical practice soon became the discovery of my dharma.

In 2008, I found Joey Mascarenhas’ Iyengar studio in Zurich.
Joey’s precise teaching style and careful guidance set me on my path.

Three years later, I swapped a career in club management for a life on the mat.

After completing a 3-month intensive training in Hatha Yoga in 2012,
I found himself profoundly changed by the experience and had come to a new understanding of the world around him and his purpose in it.

Next came a move to NYC for a Vinyasa training focused on anatomy,
inspiring to fuse the two very different trainings together in my teaching.
I blended the dynamism and flow of Vinyasa with traditional Hatha Yoga.

In 2015, I moved to Koh Phangan to teach yoga, studying the
Astanga Primary Series and exploring the movement of energy within asana in great depth.

After this training, I began to fine-tune my teaching techniques further, creating a unique set of sequences that seek to touch students on a deep physical, mental and emotional level.

Living on Koh Phangan and working as Yoga Manager at Orion Healing Centre, I am very fortunate to live and work alongside dedicated yogis from all over the globe and to teach practitioners seeking an authentic transmission of yoga.

Teaching yoga is my passion and I do it with a full heart and with gratitude to all my teachers and every student.


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