Benjamin Marantz

Kailua Kona, HI
United States

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Benjamin Marantz is the creator of AcroSage, a unique form of inversion therapy, has been actively practicing, teaching and organizing workshops around the world since 1987 showcasing this revolutionary mind/body/spirit healing technique. His background in drama, circus performance, competitive acrobatics, massage and interpretive partner yoga have evolved into what is known today as AcroSage. With students now in Germany, Italy, Sweden, England, New Zealand, Bali, Japan, Canada and across the , AcroSage is now internationally recognized as a leading modality in the field of inversion therapy. Many off-shoots of AcroSage have sprouted as a result of Benjamin's teachings, including, 'AcroYoga', 'Tula Yoga', 'Body Mudras', 'Elevated Yoga' and the established European School of 'Inversion Therapy' under the direction of former student Paul Terrell.
Benjamin's career began in his teens as an apprentice at the PAF Playhouse (a professional theatre founded by his father Clint Marantz) in Huntington, New York. He later went on to study mime with the renowned mimist Tony Montanaro at the Celebration Mime Theatre in South Paris Maine. There, also began his circus arts training under Bob Berky and Fred Garbo (former teacher with the Ringling Brothers Circus) For the next 25 yrs. Benjamin toured with different partners, performing vaudeville comedy from European cabarets to world class expos. In 1984 he began training with the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe in Honolulu and in 1984 & 85 he won 2 gold, 2 silver and a bronze medal at the National Sports Acrobatic Competitions. It was with the Waikiki acrobats that his knowledge and expertise flourished with the eventual birthing of the AcroSage Technique. In 1987 he and 12 other circus arts 'comrades' established Hawaii's Volcano Circus and BellyAcres, a 10 acre circus artists' community, on the Big Island of Hawaii. (Still active today with 33 members and a thriving community performing arts center called under the direction of Graham Ellis.)
In 1990 Benjamin's focus shifted from the performing arts to the healing arts. That summer at the Edmonton, Canada Buskers Festival, he presented AcroSage for the first time publicly. With great Canadian press coverage and the local approval, AcroSage was officially launched as a viable healing technique. Since then, Benjamin has traveled on 5 continents spreading his passion and joy by empowering those ready and open to discover this powerful healing modality to help in their shift into the new paradigm.
In 2002 Benjamin took a break from teaching and traveling and with his wife Amiracle and father Clint purchased 3.2 acres in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii and established the 'Banyan Tree Sanctuary' an organic farm and place for meditation. For the past 8 years he has focused on learning sustainable living techniques and organic farming skills.