Beta Lisboa

Serra Grande - BA
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Beta has been drawn to spirituality from a very young age, and began a path of personal and professional evolution that would take her from her native Brazil to Boston, Bali, India and beyond. Beta has travelled, learned and taught with celebrated body/mind teachers like Pattabhi Jois, Sarah Powers, Baron Baptiste, Prem Baba and Mooji, and with each experience has ventured deeper into our physical and lived experiences to develop her practice. Today Beta offers a comprehensive calendar of Teacher Trainings, Immersions, Intensives and Private Tuition, including the popular Seeds of Transformation Women’s Retreat.

Beta’s principle focus is on physical and emotional trauma release, and on supporting lasting wellness for the physical and emotional bodies. With over 20+ years experience guiding people through body/mind integration processes, Beta uses a unique combination yin yoga, myofascial release, and mindfulness meditation, to name but a few. Her style is personal and thorough, deep and individualized. Moreover it is perfectly suited to those who are curious about and ready for remarkable transformation in their lives. Beta is regularly invited to deliver programs at yoga studios and retreat centres throughout Europe and Asia.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Wonderful course

It is a wonderful course, but very heavy for my shoulders. A rest day between should be better for my shoulders.
Should be more friendly to fresh students. You are warmer in 2017. And harder now in 2018 at the last training.

Beta LisboaNovember 8, 2018
I am sorry Monique

Dear Monique,
i am sorry if you came to attend our training with a shoulder issue already. Indeed the training is a very specific and deep work on Fascia movement which with time and patience would be the best healing for your shoulders.
Thank you

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A beautiful balance of Yin and Yang

I have now completed 500 hours of training with Beta (and Sai) and can honestly say that I have had the most amazing experience. The training's she offers are unlike any other. The practice she (and Sai) have developed combines yin and yang in a way which goes deep into the body and allows for opening and releasing. The training's are delivered in a way which feels personal as well as very informative. They are beautiful teachers who have a lot to offer.


The trainings are journeys of self-development in which Beta and Sai hold space and allow for you to process whatever comes up and therefore help you to become the best teacher you possibly can be. Thank you so much for all that you have given me - I will always recommend this work to anyone I know!

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Yin Fascial Yoga TTC

A BREATHTAKING YOGATRAINING with Beta Lisboa and Sai Calder with a lot of MUST KNOW information for Yoga Teachers.
Her fine senses for the group or the student needs are combined with a big knowledge. Learning and experiencing just happens with ease and joy!
I only can recommend warmly trainings with Beta.
Thank you Beta and Sai for the wonderful days.

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Simply the best

I've walked all 300 hours of training Yinyoga Beta. A life changing experience. The program is super serious with a mixture of various interesting teachers within them different subjects. Beta Simon is the best combination to learn the true essences of Yinyoga and Dao

Beta LisboaDecember 10, 2016
Thank you for your beautiful review!

You are amazing!

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Transformative work!

Beta and Sai have been an integral part of the type of yoga teacher I am today. After completing and graduating recently from the 300hours of Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training…I can say, without a doubt I’m a more solid in my skills, knowledge, capabilities when it comes to understanding the body, breath, energy, mindfulness on such a deep level. Beta’s teachings are so beautiful and she comes with 20+ years of personal experience which shows in the ease of how she shares with others.


Sai has such a gift for sharing his in depth knowledge about QiGong, Meditation and energetic pathways. Together, the pair compliment and have an amazing balanced, well thought out, and educational program. Each of the modules (structural, subtle body and mindfulness) provided an in-depth look into how Yin Fascial Yoga and meditation can alter one’s being in such a profound and positive way. The modules go in depth with anatomy, yoga and meditation philosophy, art of teaching, TCM, Qi Gong and energetic pathways, and hands on skills within each specific area. I am currently teaching Yin Fascial yoga and already seeing the positive results from such a fantastic year of learning. If you are considering a unique experience and to gain skills to enhance your personal yoga practice or teaching others, I highly recommend joining Beta in one of her many exotic locations for her 200 or 300hr YTTs. Not to forget…they are just awesome people to be around too…hard to not love them!
Thank you thank you for sharing your passion with me…it’s been an honor and blessing to learn from you! Excited to continue to share my knowledge with others!


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Interesting, Enjoyable, Highly Recommend!

Big thanks again to Beta and Sai for another fantastic Yin Fascial Yoga teacher training. 

Blending the traditional teachings of Daoism & Yoga with modern approaches to trauma release and bodywork, this really is a fascinating and unique teacher training experience that I highly recommend.

Beta and Sai also also offer the opportunity to repeat a completed module as an assistant.  I took this opportunity last year and it really helped to consolidate and deepen my understanding of the Yin Fascial Yoga system.

I hold regular Yin Fascial Yoga Workshop now and they are by far the most popular workshops...people really love this work!

Look forward to joining you on the Mindfulness module soon. Xx

Beta LisboaDecember 1, 2016
Thank you for your beautiful review!

Dear Dominique
it is always a pleasure to have dedicated and focus students like you.
Looking forward to have you again in our last module (Mindfulness)
Thank you,
Beta & sai

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best yin fascial yoga ever

i love betas way of integrating different ways of consciussnes energetic&bodywork possibilities to come to a deeper way of transformation and understanding and healing.
and this she bring with her cute and authentic personality and her big heart&love :)

Beta LisboaDecember 1, 2016
Thank you for your beautiful review!

You are the best!
Thank you beautiful Jana :-)
Much love

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
amazing yin yoga and meditation teacher

I spent time In India studying Yin yoga with Beta and also met up with her in the UK when she visited - she's authentic, experienced and comes from the heart. I love her!

Beta LisboaDecember 1, 2016
Thank you very much for the lovely review!

You can see me as i see you sister!
Thank you for this lovely review!