Beth Ann Matlock

Austin, TX
United States
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I love living the outdoor and peaceful life in Austin, TX. When I'm not teaching I can be found running, cycling, taking a yoga class, lifting weights or possibly doing a local triathlon.

I am currently teaching at Anytime Fitness in Dripping Springs, TX, Springs YMCA in Dripping Springs, T I also do private sessions. E-mail for info.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

6 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Just the right mix

Beth Ann has the right mix of focus and keeping our sessions light-hearted. She routinely asks if anyone is having any physical issues and tailors the session to accommodate.

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Simply the best!

I love Beth Ann's style of teaching. She is thorough, safety-oriented, casual, and down to earth. Beth Ann has year of experience as a personal trainer, so she has a lot of muscle and body knowledge that keeps her classes challenging, productive, and still safe. She is also hilarious and doesn't take herself too seriously, which keeps it light and fun. Wonderful teacher!

Beth Ann MatlockAugust 11, 2016
Simply the best!

Megan thank you so much for the kind review. I hope to see you when I start teaching at Zaz in September.

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Yoga with BethAnn Matlock

If you have a chance to experience a yoga class taught by BethAnn, you should take advantage of the opportunity. BethAnn has a unique ability to know each persons' strengths and limitations and tailors her classes to meet those needs. She is generous with her wisdom and as a personal trainer, her advice is very helpful.

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Great instructor.

Beth Ann has taught Yoga at my CrossFit for several months. She has a very faithful following. I like how she is in tune with the participants in her class. I like how she demonstrates the move, yet is excellent about coming over and adjusting someone. She has a beautiful spritzer of lavender that she sprays near the end of class that separates her from the rest of the Yoga instructors I have had. It is a privilege to have her at my studio. She is by far the most loved Yoga instructor at CrossFit SW Austin that we have had.

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I'm fairly new to Yoga and Beth Ann is wonderful

I have a weekly class with Beth Ann at my CrossFit gym. I've found that yoga really helps with my flexibility, balance, strengthening my core, and giving me inner peace. All of this thanks to a wonderful instructor who is encouraging and doesn't push me beyond my limits. She has a calming presence and helps me to reach my objectives for the class. I highly recommend Beth Ann!

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Provides a safe yoga experience for all

Beth Ann is a dedicated instructor who is knowledgeable and clear in her teaching methods. She ishowa concern for each individual and will help modify poses for those needing more direction. I very much enjoy taking her classes.