Beth Kilmore

Scituate, MA
United States

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Beth Kilmore began studying Yoga in 1991, after a broken back found her with SIX fused vertebrae, encased in Harrington Rods. She began to find relief from the pain, studied and began practicing all aspects of Yoga traditions. She completed her Yoga Teachers Training in 1992, teaching and living in an Ashram for three years, as she healed her back. During this time she taught Meditation and Yoga in NYC and Ashram Yoga Retreat. Her love for the Meditative and Contemplative aspects of Yogic Science began developing her gifts as an Intuitive Spiritual Healer. By 1997 she found herself studying with Sufi Mystic Master Healers; SIDI Jamal, Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD. and Salima Adelstein, while attending the University of Spirituality and Sufism. Beth’s unique gift is the Love she brings into her work. She has continued to study and serve in her healing practice over the past 20 years. She combines SUFI Healing work with other modalities of study within her Sessions. Beth has assisted thousands in finding relief from Chronic Physical and Spiritual Pain. Taking her Asana practices into the silks she combined the Aerial Yoga with her Healing modalities of Sufism, Cranio Sacral, Myofascial Release and CREATED: AERIAL BODY THERAPY in 2014! An avid Healer and Aerial Yoga Instructor, Beth is extremely excited to share New Practices incorporated into Ancient Practices. Her hope is that you too will fall in LOVE, finding Healing and Contentment!


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