Beth Pearlman

Evergreen, CO
United States

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Beth took her first yoga class in 1995 when she was in college and The Naropa Institute was offering a donation based women’s yoga class. She began a regular practice in 2000 when pregnant with her first child and wanted to continue movement in a gentle way. Beth always enjoyed yoga, but didn’t make the time for regular practice until 2004 when a studio opened locally. It was then that she began to fall in love. Several years later, when looking for career /life change and direction/guidance, yoga entered her life with new meaning and she began finding her heart felt path. Beth couldn’t get enough information about the yoga world, incorporating more and more yoga education, meditation and a regular practice, whether in a studio or on her own at home. It gave her a much needed grounding force filled with self-reflection and inspiration, as well as balancing the outdoor lifestyle she loves. While going through teacher training the idea of True Yoga began to evolve. She is so excited to share with you her love for a practice that entails alignment, heart opening, healing and inspiration!


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