Bethanee Nitz

Madison, WI
United States

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Beth first landed on a yoga mat in 2006 as a way to center herself and cultivate more flexibility from training as a softball pitcher. Later, in addition to being a collegiate athlete, she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification studying under Pamela Bliss of YogAsylum in Brookfield, WI in was introduced to CrossFit by her fiancé, Travis, in 2012 and since then has noticed a huge improvement in her yoga practice and vice versa. Yoga and CrossFit complement each other perfectly by creating a synergistic balance of strength and mobility. Breath, balance and the mind-body connection are incredibly important in both yoga and CrossFit and Beth aims to help clients become a stronger athlete through mobility. Or, like herself, become a stronger yogi through CrossFit as well.

In addition to teaching yoga and CrossFitting, Beth’s day job is organic farming. Her goal is to help eaters reconnect with the land from which their food comes from. She started her own farm, Winterfell Acres, part time in 2013 and aims to expand to full time in 2014.

She looks forward to meeting you on the mat and in the box.


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