Betsy Mullins

Miami, FL
United States

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Yoga came in to Betsy's life at the moments when she needed it the most. She took her first yoga class during a highly stressful time in graduate school and was amazed by the difference a regular practice made in her life. After exploring yoga and mediation practices in Japan and Thailand, Betsy moved to Miami. In 2013, her life changed dramatically when a dear friend was diagnosed with severe kidney failure and Betsy volunteered to become an organ donor. Through the course of the transplant, yoga became an irreplaceable part of Betsy's wellness plan. It was during this time that she met the teachers that would inspire her to take her practice even deeper and pursue a life of teaching. Betsy's classes are a meditative mix of flowing movement and purposeful breathing, with plenty of opportunities to laugh. In addition to her work as a teacher, Betsy is currently working towards her certification in Ayurveda with the hope of helping her students and clients lead even healthier holistic lives.


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